In it's first year, Yale-NUS College felt more like a summer camp.

Memoirs of the Halcyon

story | Vasudha Kataruka photo | Anshuman Mohan, Bozy Lu, Yale-NUS Admissions From RC4 to the New Campus Growing from 150 students to a full house in the past four years, there has been a large evolution of the Yale-NUS experience. For the Classes of 2017 and 2018, one of the most noticeable differences was […]

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Photo credit | Victoria Kalinina

Class of 2017 Memories

The following are edited memories about the Class of 2017, submitted by students of Yale-NUS College.   “Yale-NUS Confessions broke the perfection bubble for me, not just in college life but in life overall. Nobody is perfect it turns out, everybody struggles: this is a simple truth even in an institution as idealistic and amazing […]

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A collage of The Octant front covers from the past year.

The Last Four Years, by the Headlines

From the Editors – October 4, 2013 What are we Playing For? – August 19, 2014 Dengue Outbreak on Campus – September 2, 2014 Yale-NUS Upholds Free Speech on Campus – October 21, 2014 Constitution Matters – November 18, 2014 Finally, A Student Government – February 10, 2015 Making Major Decisions: Yale-NUS’s Inaugural Class Declares […]

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FOMO stands for Fear Of Missing Out

Senior FOMO

story | Lynn Lee photo | Yale-NUS Admissions Hoa and I sat quietly as the rain fell. The soft wet darkness of the evening seemed to bring the lively sounds on campus closer to each other and to us, as we sat on cold tiles with echoes of song around us. It was the start […]

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We are not all brothers and sisters, you know, but here, right next to each other, we grow


story | Anna Evtushenko photo | Public Affairs It’s I, and it’s you, and it’s he, and it’s she. Between us we ponder the math of Cauchy, the fate of Augustus, the shape of black holes, and how scattered destinies merge into wholes. We are not all brothers and sisters, you know, but here, right next […]

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Thanks to the Class of 2017 for providing much of the inspiration behind this poem. Wherever you continue in life, know that this part of it is appreciated. All in all, it has been an immense honor to be part of your journey and have you be part of mine.


poem | Al Lim photo | Public Affairs   Ngee Ann Kongsi, 2nd row, and I watched how the ground was broken. Facebook, many rows, and I watched how the fire alarm was broken. La La Luna, middle row and I was called out before the ukulele finished playing. What happened after the ground broke […]

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Pericles Lewis was the Founding President of Yale-NUS college and served his term from July 2012 to July 2017

Four Years with The Octant

story | Pericles Lewis, President of Yale-NUS College photo | Public Affairs A colleague of mine studied for his freshman and sophomore years at Princeton University. As a junior, in 1967, he transferred to the beautiful, brand new campus of the University of California, Santa Cruz, on the Pacific Ocean. It was the university’s third […]

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Yale-NUS College held its inaugural graduation ceremony for the class of 2017, on May 29, 2017.

Yale-NUS’s Inaugural Class Graduates

story | David Chappell photo | Yale-NUS Public Affairs Yale-NUS College held its inaugural graduation ceremony for the class of 2017, on May 29, 2017. The 119 students of the graduating class, down from the 157 admitted, received their certificates from Dr Tony Tan Keng Yam, President of the Republic of Singapore. The ceremony featured […]

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Charles Bailyn served as the Inaugural Dean of Faculty of Yale-NUS College from 2011-16.

The End of “Inaugural”

story | Charles Bailyn, Professor and Inaugural Dean of Faculty photo | Public Affairs Well, it is upon us: the graduation ceremony of the inaugural class of Yale-NUS.  With the departure of the class of 2017 and of President Lewis, there will be surprisingly little that is “inaugural” at Yale-NUS in the future.  But as […]

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Why Go to College?

story | Kei Franklin ’17 photo | Public Affairs Four years ago, I sat on the porch of a wooden cabin in eZulwini, Swaziland, and contemplated whether I should go to college. Evening light danced through the lime trees, monkeys raced across the tin roof, their tiny feet hammering like thunder. The scrumptious smell of […]

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story | Doris Sohmen Pao, Former EVP Administration photo | Public Affairs It is nearly midnight on the eve of my extended deadline for this article which has been on my “to do” list all week and I am still staring at a relatively blank screen. Perhaps it is best for me to start by […]

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