Wednesday, February 8, 2023



Finding a Place on a Map That Has Already Been Drawn: An Exchange Student’s Perspective

Finding a place among a map that has already been drawn - Sarah talks about her experience of navigating Yale-NUS as an outsider.

Yale-NUS Concurrent Degree Programme with NUS School of Computing

story | Dion Ho,  Contributing Reporter photo | Dion Ho, Contributing Reporter Yale-NUS College plans to introduce its fourth concurrent degree programme next year,...

Quartz’s Misleading Article on Yale-NUS Reflects Journalism’s Sad State of Affairs

story | Terence Anthony Wang, Arts Editor photo | Terence Anthony Wang, Dave Chappell and amCharts A few days ago, digitally-native news outlet Quartz published an...

PPE Certificate Reflects Major Problems

story | Elaine Li, News Editor photo | Rachel Juay In response to issues with resource pooling and student concerns, a suggestion has been raised to...

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