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The Narratives of Our Lives

From second hand information, I knew that he took a Leave of Absence (LOA) because he was clinically depressed. He did so after I had gone to Japan, and I didn’t find out until I came back to school. When I met him again a year later, I realized we were in the same boat of needing to catch up with work in school. That was the consensus we had while I steeled my resolve to get down to work.

My Family is not a Cloud

short story | Roshan Singh Some light crept in through the bedroom door and took a seat by the little girl’s bed. Hey, how you doing? The...

Traveling with Grief

story | Professor Robin Hemley photo | IowaNow My sister had been sick for a long time, and when she died of a prescription drug overdose,...

Professor Barney Bate (1960-2016): A Death in the Family

Story by Dave Chappell, Managing Editor “What is family?” This was the title of Professor Barney Bate’s (Or Barney, as he preferred to be known) Comparative Social Institutions...

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