The Yale-NUS Gray Space

story | Amanda Leong, Contributing Reporter   photo | Amanda Leong, Contributing Reporter   EDITOR’S NOTE, December 22, 2017:  Yale-NUS Director of Public Affairs, Ms. Fiona Soh, and Director of Infrastructure, Safety, and Security, Mr. Dennis Aw have written in to dispute the article’s claim that the article’s claim that the Occupy installation was taken […]

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I am not upset it was moved because I placed it in the public sphere, and in the public sphere everyone should be allowed to do what they want.

Why Stop?

story | Adam Lau, Guest Contributor photo | Justin Ong When you see a STOP sign, do you stop? Why did you stop? Who made you stop? Did you want to stop? A STOP sign is an instruction by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) for motorists to stop when there is no safe path ahead. […]

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Kites have no need for designated parks.

Designated Parks: Notes on Academic Freedom

story | Shawn Hoo, Guest Contributor photo | Conal Gallagher and Dave Chappell “We still fly our kites In designated parks.” (Alfian Sa’at, “Apathy,” A History of Amnesia) In many ways, Yale-NUS College carves out an odd space within Singapore’s landscape of freedom—as odd as Speakers’ Corner’s perimeters perhaps—things happen here with little resistance where […]

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Students attend a screening of 1987: Untracing the Conspiracy, by director Jason Soo

1987: The Missing Narrative

story | Neo Huiyuan, Arts Editor photo |  Lynn Voight What happens when the very institutions you trust for protection turn against you? What happens when the social contract is broken? These are questions that people detained without trial are uniquely qualified to answer. On May 21, 1987, 16 Singaporeans were detained without trial under […]

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To the Infants of Yale-NUS

story Raeden Richardson and Kaushik Swaminathan Dear Class of 2019, There are upperclassmen who will graduate from Yale-NUS College with a degree but no education. Some have childishly avoided threatening ideas and have no mental resolve to encounter morally confronting situations. As you, the Class of 2019, begin life at this college you should not sit […]

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Why “safe”, “inclusive”, and “community” should not be seen in the same sentence

Rakesh Prabhakaran || Guest Columnist Photo from 343 Industries In a community which is so accepting of all religions, sexual orientations, and cultures, we sometimes commit the fatal error of being intolerant of the ‘intolerant’. If we want to create a truly “safe and inclusive” environment (to quote the 14th October opinion piece, which was […]

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Statement on creating a safe and inclusive environment that promotes civil and open discourse

We are a group of students who are concerned about the recent incident of a student who put up parody posters that trivialised the trans* identity of the trans* community and the subsequent justification provided for his actions. While we acknowledge and appreciate the student’s intention to encourage reflection on issues relating to the LGBTQ community, we believe […]

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