In it's first year, Yale-NUS College felt more like a summer camp.

Memoirs of the Halcyon

story | Vasudha Kataruka photo | Anshuman Mohan, Bozy Lu, Yale-NUS Admissions From RC4 to the New Campus Growing from 150 students to a full house in the past four years, there has been a large evolution of the Yale-NUS experience. For the Classes of 2017 and 2018, one of the most noticeable differences was […]

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Why Go to College?

story | Kei Franklin ’17 photo | Public Affairs Four years ago, I sat on the porch of a wooden cabin in eZulwini, Swaziland, and contemplated whether I should go to college. Evening light danced through the lime trees, monkeys raced across the tin roof, their tiny feet hammering like thunder. The scrumptious smell of […]

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Yale-NUS College students indicate their intended majors when joining the college. However, these majors often change.

MCS Replaces PPE as most Popular Major for Class of 2019

story | David Chappell, Editor-in-Chief photo | Yale-NUS College Admissions & Financial Aid and David Chappell The number of Yale-NUS College students declaring as science majors has increased, according to a breakdown of major declarations obtained by The Octant. Mathematical, Computational and Statistical Sciences (MCS) replaced Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) as the most subscribed […]

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What Is Our Time Here For?

Story by Michael Moore-Jones, Guest Contributor As part of the inaugural classes’ orientation week in June 2013 we sat through a lecture by Professor of Humanities (Literature in English) Rajeev Patke titled “The Liberal Arts: Making the Most of Your Yale-NUS College Education.” I don’t remember much from the lecture in what was a week […]

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What is Our Time Here For?: The meaning of Yale-NUS College and the liberal arts

Guest Opinion by Michael Moore-Jones ’17 | Photo Credit to Public Affairs This semester at Yale University I’m taking a class called Successful Global Leadership with New York Times columnist and author David Brooks. In class David frequently refers to what he calls “resume virtues” and “eulogy virtues”. As he described them in his most recent book, “The […]

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