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A “Social Determinants” Approach to the Mental Health Crisis at Yale-NUS

Yale-NUS has one of the highest ratios of university psychologists to students in the world, but we still need to wait 2-4 weeks for counseling center appointments. What went wrong? Madhu's opinion piece is what you need for a fresh perspective on this dilemma.

The Meritocracy Trap: Required Reading for Anxious Elites

"A thought that has often crossed my mind since coming to Yale-NUS is: even though taking everything so seriously right now is clearly making me anxious and possibly even depressed, it will all pay off in the long run, right?" Harrison contemplates how our privilege makes us unwilling participants in the cycle of inequality.

Taking Wellness into Our Own Hands

With finals approaching, it can seem like your academic success comes at the cost of your wellbeing. Harrison tells us why this is not the case.

More Than Just a Name-Change

story  | Mathias Ooi, Contributing Reporter photo | Peh Yilin, Contributing Photographer   With the beginning of the new academic year, the Yale-NUS College Wellness Centre has...

A Dean’s Fellow’s Guide to Taking Time for You

story | Brea Baker, Guest Contributor photo | Serena Quay It can be hard in a moment of great stress to prioritize self-care because competitive environments...

Halcyon Days Ahead

story | Pericles Lewis, Guest Contributor I am writing out of concern about a couple of recent pieces in the Octant in which students expressed...

Thoughts on Self-Care: Dean’s Fellow D Dangaran

story | D Dangaran, Guest Contributor Self-care is a misnomer, because it often includes other people. I see self-care as actions taken by people who...

Self-Care: An Act of Political Warfare

story | Kan Ren Jie, Contributing Reporter photo | Xuerui Yang I could’ve left the classroom, but I didn’t. Instead, I sat restlessly in the silence,...

Students in Dark Over Wellness Session Limits

story | Dave Chappell, Justin Ong, Enkhzul Badral photo | Serena Quay Many students and staff members remain unaware of guidelines limiting the number of counselling...

Demystifying Leave of Absence

story | Regina Marie Lee, Staff Reporter photo | Yang Xuerui Recent events have fixed the spotlight on wellness at Yale-NUS College. Students have raised concerns...

Many Students Not Seeking Wellness Support, Report Reveals

story | Xinyu Luo, Neo Huiyuan, Dave Chappell photo | Dave Chappell, Editor-in-Chief Only a quarter of the students diagnosed with mental health conditions are seeking support...

In Turbulent Semester, Yale-NUS Struggles with Mental Health Resources

story | Xinyu Luo, Neo Huiyuan, Ayla Besemer and David Yaffe-Bellany photo | Serena Quay Tensions ran high at Yale-NUS during a town hall on Oct. 4, as...

The Narratives of Our Lives

From second hand information, I knew that he took a Leave of Absence (LOA) because he was clinically depressed. He did so after I had gone to Japan, and I didn’t find out until I came back to school. When I met him again a year later, I realized we were in the same boat of needing to catch up with work in school. That was the consensus we had while I steeled my resolve to get down to work.

Border-Crossers: Being a First-Generation College Student at Yale-NUS

story | Abdul Hamid, Guest Columnist photo | Dickson Phua At times it can feel like one is on the run, trying to evade detection. The...

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