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NUS Students in our Shared Spaces

“Could we then think of how we can make our spaces here in Yale-NUS to be one for more than just Yale-NUS students?” Shawn Kit speaks to the NUS students who share classes, student organisations and library seats with us to find out more.

From Arrow to Algorithm: The Aphrodite Project Could Find You True Love

Come this Sunday, participants of the Aphrodite Project might be matched with their soulmates. Michael speaks to the creators behind the campus-wide matchmaking survey to find out more.

Rest and Support at NUS’ “Pit Stop”

Alicia ventures into NUS to tell us more about the resources available to us a bus ride away.

Better than Revenge: Rethinking Justice for Survivors of Sexual Violence

After Monica Baey’s experience as a survivor of sexual violence went viral, public attention has focused on the appropriate penalties that her perpetrator should receive. Daryl and Alysha discuss why we should consider more pluralistic, rather than punitive, forms of justice for survivors of sexual violence.

Where’s the NUS in Yale-NUS?

story | Ethel Pang, Contributing Reporter photo | Elesin Teo, Chief Photographer   As a “true-blue” Singaporean, I find that I can easily flit between two (very...

Is Yale-NUS Safe?

Do you feel comfortable keeping your doors unlocked? Leaving stuff around? What do you do when stuff goes missing? Amanda talks to students who have experienced theft at Yale-NUS College.

The Yale-NUS Premium

Yale-NUS graduates earn more than their NUS and NTU counterparts with similar degrees. But they also pay more for tuition, so how does the math stack up? Jia Qi crunches some numbers to find out.

A Step Towards Wellness: Updates to the Student Health Insurance

story  | Vasudha Kataruka, Guest Reporter photo | Justin Ong, Editor-in-Chief   The National University of Singapore (NUS) has changed its Undergraduate Student Health Insurance with effect...

Insufficient LGBTQ Discourse in Universities

story | Pertina Seah, Contributing Reporter image | G Spot and the Gender Collective “A friend of mine was once asked whether he was gay. He...

A Home For All

Story by Emily Tang, Features Writer | Photo credit to David Zhang In a bid to improve the relationship between Yale-NUS and the rest of NUS, a group...

Smells Like Team Spirit

Story by Emily Tang, News Writer A new shirt design has been unveiled for Yale-NUS athletes. In a follow-up to last year's identity rebranding, where the...

Students Call for Policies on Use of Campus Spaces

Some concerned over use of spaces by NUS students story Vasudha Kataruka, Contributing Reporter After two years living in Residential College 4 (RC4) Yale-NUS College students...

Yale-NUS’ Stepsibling Syndrome

story | Jessica Teng Sijie photo | Tong Xueyin College students stay up for a variety of reasons, and last semester’s Harvard-Yale game was one of...

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