A recent IPS survey that found that one in four non-Chinese Singaporeans have felt racially discriminated against when seeking employment or a promotion, suggesting that Chinese Privilege does exist in the job market.

Chinese Privilege Checked, Now What?

story | Daryl Yang, Guest Contributor photo | Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) and  In “Coming To Terms With Chinese Privilege”, Kan Ren Jie describes his personal experience in realizing the privileges that he enjoyed as a Chinese Singaporean. While this led him to question the twin national myths of meritocracy and multiracialism, I found […]

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Trigger Warning: Safe Spaces

Story | Daryl Yang Illustration | Yang Xuerui Last week, our college was involved in a passionate discussion after a student posted on the Yale-NUS College Students Facebook group calling for her peers to be “mindful of each other’s sensitivities when expressing ourselves in the public space”. This was in response to another student putting […]

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