Alcohol, Stilettos and Jigsaw Puzzles

Story by Nicholas Lua, Features Editor | Photo credit to Eun Jung Min Upon entering, I notice the stylized city skyline, done in artistic green tape on the white suite walls. The tape forms Marina Bay Sands on one wall, extends around the room and across doors, even, to form what I suspect is the Eiffel Tower […]

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A tongue-in-cheek view of events around school A heartfelt goodbye: The Octant bids farewell to its long serving member and current editor-in-chief Spandana Bhattacharya. We wish her well in her future endeavours (*fingers crossed for those job offers*) and will miss her bubbly energy in meetings. We hope she continues to be involved with the […]

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Yale Exchange Spring 2015

Yale Exchange Highlights Need For Dialogue

story Spandana Bhattacharya | David Chappell The recent exchange trip between Yale-NUS College and Yale University was set up to share information between both institutions, yet many students found themselves spending a large proportion of their time explaining what Yale-NUS was. The trip saw 19 students from six student organizations at Yale-NUS travel to Yale over […]

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Visiting Committee to recommend changes to the Common Curriculum

story Spandana Bhattacharya | Yonatan Gazit Now in its fourth semester, Yale-NUS College’s distinctive Common Curriculum will undergo a review by two committees—the Self-Study and the Visiting Committees—over 2015. The Self-Study Committee, comprising Yale-NUS faculty, will consolidate feedback from faculty and students about the Common Curriculum and present “options for change” in September 2015, according to President Pericles […]

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Robert Alpern

From Liberal Arts To Medicine

story Spandana Bhattacharya | Regina Marie Lee With advising sessions already underway, pre-medical students at Yale-NUS College are actively planning their course loads for applications to medical schools. As Dean of the Yale School of Medicine, Robert Alpern has strong views on the undergraduate education necessary for a pre-med student. He recently chaired a committee that reviewed […]

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Topping Out Ceremony

The Marriage Contract

Spandana Bhattacharya, Joyan Tan Photos used with permission from Yale-NUS College Public Affairs The birth of Yale-NUS College is the result of a marriage like no other. It brings together two “great” universities—Yale University and National University of Singapore (NUS)—in a bid to create a distinct college, or as Yale-NUS’ promotional materials express it mathematically, […]

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Beyond the ‘A’ Cup

This article is written in collaboration with On Century Avenue, the student publication at NYU Shanghai. Spandana Bhattacharya ’17 Yale-NUS College, Kadallah Burrowes ’18 NYU Shanghai Photos by Joyan Tan On Friday Oct. 31, delegates from four different student organizations in Yale-NUS College arrived in Shanghai, China to meet with their NYU Shanghai counterparts. While […]

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RC2 Orientation

First Year Adventures in SEA

story Spandana Bhattacharya | May Tay On 7 August, the college’s freshmen class packed their bags and embarked on their 5-day Orientation Adventure Trips. These trips were part of their 18 day long orientation program, and took place in three different Southeast Asian countries: Laos (RC 1), Malaysia (RC 2) and Vietnam (RC 3). There were […]

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