Saturday, December 4, 2021


student effort contribution

Financial Aid Office Addresses Student Complaints

Miscommunications and Standing Committees. Avani writes about the problems plaguing need-based financial aid on campus.

What We Owe To Each Other: Student Wages at Yale-NUS

Student workers at Yale-NUS’ butteries are paid SGD $9/hr, less than the cost of four Adlins. Avani tells us why this is not right.

Student Effort Contribution Discussed in Closed-door Dialogue with Governing Board

Some students are disappointed by the governing board members' response to SEC and dining issues at a recent closed-door dialogue.

Unrest continues over the Student Effort Contribution

Unrest over the Student Effort Contribution has continued into the new year, with the Senate passing a resolution condemning the policy for disadvantaging underprivileged students. Harrison reports.

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