Tuesday, August 3, 2021
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Student Government

Why Student Government Should Not Be Paid a Stipend by the Administration

After last week's news about the Student Government receiving a stipend broke, Yihui considers whether this should be acceptable to the Yale-NUS community

Yehoon Ahn Wins Election to be Class of 2023 Representative

Yehoon wins the Election to be the Class of 2023 Representative with 42.7% of all votes, despite a controversial campaign policy.

Exchange Students Become the First Group on Campus to Gain Senate Representation

Constitutional reforms now allow for students to join the Senate representing either affinity or interest groups, with two exchange students already forming an affinity group. Alysha reports.

The Future of Finance in Student Government

“Finance in this year’s Student Government may not look big, fast or exciting,” said Director of Finance Ryan Yoong ’20, “but there’s nothing wrong with that.” Alysha reports.

What Happened to the Perch Fund?

With the debut of the 5th Yale-NUS Student Government, students may notice the stark absence of FINCOM and the Perch fund. Alysha reports on the changes made.

A Letter from Equals: Improving Student Government Participation

story | Dave Chappell, Feroz Khan, Seow Yongzhi, and Tee Zhuo illustration | Justin Ong   We were both heartened and disappointed at the recent opinion...

A Letter to My Constituents

story  | Aditya Karkera, Guest Contributor Illustration | Lavonna Mark, Contributing Illustrator   My dear constituents, The practice of constituents writing to their representatives is a cherished...

Dissecting Apathy: Why Should We Care about the Student Government?

story  | Yi Lin Peh, Contributing Reporter photo | Yip Jia Qi graphics | Kalla Sy   Unlike local government and school council election speeches, the number of...

After The Town Hall: Now What?

story | Kan Ren Jie, Staff Writer photo | Aditya Karkera Coming from a school where students never had much of a stake in its management,...

Yale-NUS Unveils Official Mascot

story | Dave Chappell, Editor-in-Chief photo | Public Affairs Yale-NUS College unveiled the official Yale-NUS mascot, Halcyon, on Thursday, Feb. 2. Pericles Lewis, President of Yale-NUS...

Why Didn’t Anyone Vote in the Student Government By-Election?

story | Terence Anthony Wang, Arts Editor photo | Dean of Students Office With less than 24 hours remaining before the Jan. 19 deadline, the first...

Many Students Not Seeking Wellness Support, Report Reveals

story | Xinyu Luo, Neo Huiyuan, Dave Chappell photo | Dave Chappell, Editor-in-Chief Only a quarter of the students diagnosed with mental health conditions are seeking support...

Yale-NUS Student Government Elections: A Problem with a Fresh Start

Story by Enkhzul Badral, Managing Editor In January and February of 2015, Yale-NUS College had its first Student Government elections. I published an article entitled,...

Yale-NUS Student Government Elections: Why the apathy?

Story by Elaine Li News Editor | Photo credit to Eduardo Lage Otero In the most recent Yale-NUS Student Government elections, despite repeated deadline extensions,...

Problems with Yale-NUS Constitution Informed New Draft

story Regina Marie Lee, Managing Editor The Yale-NUS College Student Constitution, drafted in November 2014, is being reviewed by the Constitution Review Committee (CRC) in...

Students Call for Policies on Use of Campus Spaces

Some concerned over use of spaces by NUS students story Vasudha Kataruka, Contributing Reporter After two years living in Residential College 4 (RC4) Yale-NUS College students...

Finally, A Student Government

story Scott Currie | May Tay On Feb. 6, Yale-NUS College welcomed its first ever Student Government, as eleven student representatives were elected after a month-long election...

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