Where’s the NUS in Yale-NUS?

story | Ethel Pang, Contributing Reporter photo | Elesin Teo, Chief Photographer   As a “true-blue” Singaporean, I find that I can easily flit between two (very different) worlds with ease. Within Yale-NUS College, I feel like I can explore a world beyond our tiny island; our small, diverse community is very much unique in […]

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Yale-NUS is physically separated from the rest of Singapore and NUS. This could contribute to the bubble.

Revisiting the Yale-NUS Bubble

story | Terence Anthony Wang, Arts Editor photo | Rachel Juay Everyone who enrolls in Yale-NUS College quickly becomes acquainted with the infamous Yale-NUS Bubble. It’s like an uncomfortable signpost that latches onto us and follows us to our social hangouts, online conversations, or the UTown Starbucks. But so far, there has been a curious […]

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