Halcyon stares out into the distance, contemplating if Yale-NUS's best days are ahead.

Halcyon Days Ahead

story | Pericles Lewis, Guest Contributor I am writing out of concern about a couple of recent pieces in the Octant in which students expressed frustration with the way the College is run. The College staff, faculty, and I all accept the role of students in expressing their views on matters of concern to the […]

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Yale-NUS Halcyon mascot crashes into a wall of bureaucracy.

Yale-NUS’s Halcyon Days Are Over

story | Tee Zhuo and Feroz Khan, guest contributors Today we write as concerned students troubled by a recent string of administrative decisions which point to a disturbing trend of disregard for student input in Yale-NUS College’s approach to student concerns and community issues. We stand at a crucial moment in our College’s history, where […]

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Yale-NUS Unveils Official Mascot

story | Dave Chappell, Editor-in-Chief photo | Public Affairs Yale-NUS College unveiled the official Yale-NUS mascot, Halcyon, on Thursday, Feb. 2. Pericles Lewis, President of Yale-NUS College, revealed the final design for the Kingfisher mascot in an email to the student body. Work on the mascot began in September 2015. The Kingfisher mascot was then […]

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