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What’s happening on campus

We Are Family: On Friday, August 5th, Yale-NUS College officially became a full-house, with the Class of 2020’s First Year Assembly. The student body now has four classes which is composed of more than 700 students from 53 different countries! A warm welcome to everyone old and new.

Your Cup of Tea?: With the start of a new semester, Yale-NUS’s numerous student organizations have begun pitching for students’ attention. For those that were still confused by all the Welcome Teas, the Dean of Students Office organized an Activities Fair on Wednesday, August 24th. Also remember, student organizations are like ice cream flavors, you can try everything first but stick with your favorites later.

Sizzle the Fat Away: Among the student organizations vying for students’ attention is a new fitness and wellness club, BACON (Building A Culture Of Nutrition [and Fitness]). Those interested can choose between circuit training, yoga, and Zumba in both the evenings and at the crack of dawn.

Week 7 Fair: As well as the activities fair, first years were also treated to CIPE’s Week 7 Fair on Wednesday, August 17th. With travel opportunities ranging from Spain to Tokyo, there are plenty of opportunities to that next location-locked Pokémon … and also hopefully learn something.

Go to the Polls: This year’s student council elections have begun, with the call for candidates closing on Sunday, August 22nd. Those that confirmed their candidacy now have one week to make their case to the student population, before elections are held on August 2931.

Top Cat: The safety of Lizze the campus cat was called into question again this week when a member of the community complained to the NUS Cat Cafe about her presence. Adlin Zainal ’17 put out a call for feeders and possible adopters for Lizzie after the cat cafe expressed concern that the person may still contact the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore to remove her. Last week a petition in favor of Lizzie remaining on campus gained 285 signatures from members of the Yale-NUS community.

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