Editors' Note

Editor’s Note

Dear Readers,

It is my pleasure to introduce the first issue of The Octant for this Academic Year 2016/17. We have been working hard over the summer to improve your experience with us as a publication and I would like to share some of the changes.

FIrstly, I am very excited to announce that this semester The Octant will be collaborating with Ink: the Yale-NUS Literary Collective. Every week we will be publishing a piece of poetry or prose written by their members. We hope you enjoy.

Secondly, over the holiday we conducted a survey of our readers on our publication’s content and distribution methods. One area of improvement identified by the survey respondents was The Octant’s Clockwork section, with some respondents calling it unprofessional or childish. While we understand these criticisms, we feel there is still value in having a concise summary of news on a campus as busy as Yale-NUS College. As such we will be keeping the Clockwork section, but will be giving it a slightly more formal tone and moving it to the inside of the publication.

Some readers requested some other content tweaks including more regular publishing, more accurate titles, and new content. This semester we will be publishing articles online as soon as we finish them. This will allow us to respond to news in a more timely fashion. We will are also adopting a new article pitching process that gives writers more autonomy over the content they write. This should increase the variety and quality of content in The Octant. We will also be placing increasing importance on the quality of titles during our editing sessions.

One final area of improvements the survey identified was our distribution method. Many respondents indicated that they struggled to find the print issue of the publication due to erratic publication dates and unclear drop off zones. We hope to rectify this by printing a summary issue of the week’s news every Friday and investigating distribution in the lift lobbies.

Many respondents also praised The Octant for its improving quality and bold themes. It is our intention to continue pushing boundaries and producing better quality journalism with every new issue of The Octant.

If you have any feedback that you feel we are not aware of then please reach out to us at yncoctant@gmail.com. We would love to hear from you and continue improving your experience with the publication.

Yours sincerely,

Dave Chappell



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