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the aftermath of my toilet

All PostsLiteraturethe aftermath of my toilet

when you left, your hair clogged
the sink again. it rises with
the water, seaweed lungs breathing
past every lover’s stain, yet planted
into grime. my hands fear
uprooting them, a reminder
of my grass blade heart
learning rain.

soon, the hair will swim
beyond the sink. the tap
will stop looking
like your neck. i will be the drain
choking you down. i won’t ask
for a bigger bowl. i
won’t ask fishes to come back.


Min Lim is a junior from Cendana College reading History. Her poems have been featured in Eunoia Review, and are forthcoming in OF ZOOS and SingPoWriMo 2016. Her works can be found on http://minlim.com

Open call for poetry and prose submissions to ynclitcollective@gmail.com. For submission guidelines, please visit literarycollective.commons.yale-nus.edu.sg.


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