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What’s happening on campus?

Last week’s misprint: There was an issue in the printing of last week’s issue of The Octant, with the pages in an incorrect order. We extend our apologies to our readers, and will fix this in our future issues. Thanks for your understanding and continued viewership.

Handover to New Government: The second Yale-NUS Student Government will be handing over to the new Student Government on Sept. 9th. Timo Lim ’18 and Avery Simmons ’19 ran for Vice President, and Saza Faradilla ’18 and Subhas Nair ’17 ran for President. Congratulations to the winners.

Fashion Society Talk: The Yale-NUS Fashion Society has invited experts in the industry from the Global Fashion Group to shed light on current trends and the future of fashion. The talk was in Saga Common Lounge on Sept. 7th  at 7 pm.

The Zika Situation: As of Aug. 27, 2016, the first case of the Zika virus was confirmed in Singapore, and has since risen to 242 cases as of Sept. 4th. Destruction of breeding habitats and routine fogging has been implemented across the island by the National Environment Agency.

Yale-NUS Library in Contention Again: An NUSWhispers post on Sept. 3rd about the Yale-NUS Library’s availability to the public has reawakened debate. This time last year, Yale-NUS students voiced concerns over the number of spaces in the library, resulting in access by non-Yale-NUS students being restricted.

Government Debate: The Octant worked with the Elections Committee this week to hold a forum for those running for Government Leadership. Thanks to all those in the community who submitted questions to ask the candidates.

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