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I Ordered UberEATS for Dinner, This is What I Learned

All PostsLifestyleI Ordered UberEATS for Dinner, This is What I Learned

Story By | Enkhzul Badral

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Now that UberEats is in Singapore, and given the fact that college students have inconsistent meal times, here’s some tips and reviews of a few restaurants I’ve ordered from. Maybe you’ll order from them too, and if you do, ask around for a coupon code (maybe ask me)! You and your friend will both get a ten dollar credit.

Firstly, why UberEATS is awesome. Alternatively, you could call this ‘the things I tell myself to justify my laziness’.

Delivery time is very quick. My food usually comes in 40 minutes or less, sometimes only 25 minutes. In my experience, UberEATS’s delivery time is much shorter than McDelivery or Food Panda, other college student favorites.

Delivery Tracking is much more accurate on UberEATS. You can see exactly where you food is once it is in transit. On other platforms I’ve resorted to entering the Education Resource Center’s address because a delivery person isn’t familiar with the Saga drop off area or the Oculus, and there are still delivery errors.

Convenient and efficient. I prefer the convenience of ordering from UberEATS because I don’t need to set up a new account since I already use Uber. It charges directly to the card in their system which streamlines pickup. The app notifies you during every stage of delivery, so before a driver arrives you can make sure to be at the drop off location.

The downside, however, is that many restaurants close around 9 or 10 pm so if you are hungry at 2 am, then you’re still gonna have to order from McDelivery. Bon Appetit, everyone.

Guzman Y Gomez

Mexican in Singapore is extremely lacking but Guzman y Gomez hits the spot when I have a bout of homesickness and I’m craving Chipotle. They deliver from Star Vista so the delivery time is quite short; there are no worries about the tortilla getting soggy. I’d recommend the Fajita Burrito with Mild Grilled Chicken for a flavor experience as close to Chipotle as possible.

If you’re ordering guacamole or salsa with chips, order the regular size condiment. GyG is generous with the chips and even more generous with the salt on them. You’ll be done with the small guac before half of your chips are gone.

If you’re ordering the enchiladas or burrito bowl, be sure to specify for the chips that come with your order to come on the side. Otherwise, they will get soft and soggy in the creama sauce.

Gong Cha

I’m assuming most people have tried Gong Cha or Koi Café so you know the drill with Bubble Tea. Since they are delivering, you should order with more sugar and the standard amount of ice, or with no ice and less sugar than usual so when the ice melts (or in the latter case, doesn’t melt) the flavor is comparable to when you drink it fresh. It’s hard to go wrong with Bubble Tea, but who craves it so badly that they’d actually order from UberEats? Me, apparently.

Nene Chicken

Nene Chicken is good value for money. They have varying meal sizes to accommodate different levels of hunger, and the delivery time doesn’t seem to affect the crispy-ness of the chicken too much (especially considering it is coated in sauce). A great mid-studying pick-me-up, and even better for someone like me who eats alone often. Sometimes when ordering food from other outlets or services there’s a minimum charge and delivery fee so you order just a little too much for your appetite, but not the case for UberEats.

Sumo Salad

Let’s be honest, I’m not a fan of this place. Never had a good experience with it. Keep giving it another chance but the lettuce is consistently soggy, or the salad is overdressed. If you want a salad, take the 196 from the Dover bus stop to Buona Vista MRT and go to SaladStop or The Lawn (my absolute favorite place for salad in the world).

Crust Gourmet Pizza

Let’s preface this bit with some background: 

I have very specific feelings about pizza in Singapore. Feel free to recommend other places to me if the next part of this sentence offends your sensibilities, but I have never had a slice of pizza half as good as a $2 late-night slice from literally anywhere in NYC, and I don’t expect to.

Within the limitations of that previous sentence, Crust does what they do well, but is a little overpriced to be worth the money. Whereas delivery pizza is a common thing in the States and the steamy 15 minutes in a box in the back of an old Corolla adds to the delivery pizza’s flavor, the delivery factor seems to hurt the structural integrity of Crust pizza. Maybe it’s exacerbated by Singapore’s humidity, but the center of the pizza, especially if it is a veggie pizza, gets soggy and the slices are hard to pick up (since vegetables have more water in them). If you’re ordering meat-lovers, go ham (not the meat). 

Rollie Ollie

By far my favorite place to order from on UberEats. It’s an Asian Fusion restaurant that serves Poke (by the way, there’s a Poke place in Utown called Waa Cow! Which is also not bad, just overpriced), a type of Hawaiian raw fish salad, and American-style sushi rolls. Sorry to the sushi purists but I like my rolls to have cream cheese and strawberries. This is a great place to order from if you’re wanting to justify the laziness of delivery by getting something healthy!

My favorites include the Dos Amigos Roll, Zesty Salmon Salad, Aloha Poke Bowl, and Fried Chicken Starter. If you order the Fried Shishamo, be prepared for the steaming inside-a-box-while-it-delivers factor to play. You may not get the optimum crunch you desire from fried foods. However, the chicken, shrimp, and crab seem to be safe from this fate.

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