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What’s happening on campus?

Taking Care of Ourselves: Tomorrow marks the end of P.S. We Care’s Wellness Week events. They ‘tackled stress’, practiced being ‘alone together’, and will screen 21 Jump Street tomorrow in the Quiet Room at 8 pm.

Taiwan Trip: Nearly 100 of our athletes returned to campus late Sunday night (or was it early Monday morning?) from their Halloween weekend in Taiwan hosted by Taiwan Medical University. We heard the rugby team did especially well, as well as the badminton teams.

End of Semester Awakening: As the end of the semester nears, it’s time for Yale-NUS College’s various performing arts societies to put on their end of year shows. This semester expects a musical performance by (aside) called Spring Awakening, two original plays from Green Room Theater called Mirage, and the Improv Grad Show, among others.

In the Works: This ‘showcase of musical numbers’ is held in the Elm Common Lounge tomorrow, Nov. 5 at 8:30pm and 10pm. Watch your classmates perform songs from some of the most iconic musicals!

Academic Journal: The Yale-NUS Academic Journal is a collection of Academic articles compiled by students of the college in consultation with the college faculty. It will be launched on Nov. 18.

More Food on Campus: As of Oct. 31, your meal taps are good for a quick meal from Cafe Agora. This initiative was started after receiving feedback through the Student Life Survey.

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