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Clockwork Feb. 10, 2017

All PostsClockworkClockwork Feb. 10, 2017

What’s Happening on Campus?

SCSC: On Monday, Feb. 13, Saga college will be holding its second iteration of the Saga College Senior Coloquium in the Rector’s Commons at 6pm.

CIPE Days: The Schwarzman Scholars Information Session will be held next Wednesday, Feb. 15, at noon, and the Leadership Fundamentals Workshop will be held at 4 pm.

Lift Debates: Over the past week, the Yale-NUS College lifts have become a place of student debate. First, posters opposing the recent announcement of an Events Committee were put up. Second, posters were put up that were critical of the College leadership, before being replaced by new posters encouraging participation in Wednesday’s Town Hall.

Town Hall: Students, faculty and staff attended the Town Hall meeting with President Lewis on Feb. 8. Many of the controversial topics of this week’s issue were discussed at the meeting. Write a 200-word letter to the editor to state your views and opinions regarding the articles or the town hall. Email yncoctant@gmail.com.

Be our Valentine!: We hope students will consider sending members of The Octant a Box of Bakes for Valentine’s Day. We appreciate anonymous orders. Go to http://tinyurl.com/boxofbakes by Feb. 10 to order.

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