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A Major Decision: The Class of 2019 will be declaring their majors in the upcoming week. We wish them all the best as they chart out future career paths and weigh them alongside their passions.

Breakfast at Elm buttery: Nobody plans to wake up early on a Saturday. But in case you do, fear not. From March 4 to April 8, breakfast will be served at Elm buttery on Saturday mornings with a different menu each week!  

Town Hall: There will be a Town Hall with President Pericles Lewis on Thursday March 9 in the Saga Dining Hall at 8 pm. Learn about the progress made since our last town hall, and voice your concerns. The dining hall will halt food services at 7:45 that night.

Goodbye to All That: The last Senior Workshop will be held March 29 and April 5, with the theme, “How to Say Goodbye”. Channel your inner Bocelli and Brightman before the workshop, because for seniors, the end is fast approaching.

Open Day: Yale NUS Open Day will be held on March 11, where we will welcome the prospective new batch. All we have to do is be helpful in giving directions and pretending the College is perfect.


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