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Clockwork 24/03/17

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Balik Kampung: Malay for ‘coming home’, it is an event organized by RC^3, which will be held at Saga Courtyard on March 29. Immerse yourselves in a night of old school Singaporean culture, traditional performances, and Singaporean Fare!

Is it Art?: Dubbed the Common Curriculum series, eight bed sheets spray painted with provocative messages were hung up in some of the school’s lifts by two students, but have since been removed by security personnel. Opinion has been divided over whether this could be considered an art installation. What are your thoughts?

Diversity UTown Film Festival: Dubbed the first on-campus film festival in Singapore, it will be held from March 20-24, and encourages students to explore the links between sex and gender, and investigates the ways it has shaped their adolescence.

Capping off the Semester: As the end of March approaches, the Class of 2017 are nearing the end of their capstone projects. With this, comes various capstone shows, including displays in the library, literary readings and more.

Wake up and Smell the Coffee: Nearly a year and a half after it was first conceived, Brewhouse, Yale-NUS’s first student-run coffee shop, had its grand opening on March 20. Brewhouse serves a variety of drinks including spiced tea lattes and cold brews.

Get Well Soon: Students may have noticed wellness packages appear in their suites on Saturday, March 18. The packages were result of work by the Yale-NUS Student Government, the Dean of Students Office and Aloe, a new mental health group on campus.

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