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Clockwork 7/04/17

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Stranger in the Shower:

On March 31, a stranger was found showering in an unoccupied Saga suite which was, at the time, being used for an Arts and Humanities Capstone exhibition, The Anatomy of a Home. Yale-NUS and UTown Security were called. He was confirmed to be an NUS student. Security said that he might have tailgated a student to enter since gates are closed at night. Students are reminded to be careful of tailgating at night.  

Charlie Chan:

Sonny Liew, artist/illustrator of the award-winning graphic novel The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye, will be the speaker for this week’s Literature and Humanities II lecture. Join the freshmen to hear his thoughts on Singapore and its post-colonial history.

Guy Hibbert:

The Yale-NUS Writer’s Center will be inviting acclaimed British filmmaker Guy Hibbert to give talks and workshops over the coming week. Hibbert has written scripts for films such as Eye in the Sky and Five Minutes of Heaven, and won four BAFTAs for his scripts.


This year’s Singapore Poetry Writing Month has rolled around again. Aspiring poets, join the Facebook page for daily prompts and get your creative juices flowing.

Veg Pledge:

This week Yale-NUS organized YNC Veg Pledge, where students pledged to be vegetarian/vegan for one week. The pledge featured many events throughout the week, including vegetarian cooking classes, movie screenings and panel discussions.


Signaling the end of their Capstone projects, some Seniors could be heard screaming in sheer joy at the college courtyards on March 31 after the capstone deadline. The Octant congratulates all seniors on completing this milestone in what must have been an arduous academic journey!

See you Next Semester:

This will be the last weekly edition of The Octant this academic year. We hope you have enjoyed our regular coverage of campus events and discussion. We look forward to continuing next semester.

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