The new need-aware policy was announced earlier this year and will affect the Class of 2025 onwards
Meet the students running for Class of 2024 class reps for this AY2020/21 Senate.
Story | Danan Lee and Le Nguyen Phong Photo | Luke Seow This year’s orientation was different, to say the least. Instead of travelling all over Singapore for aMaze, the great treasure hunt modelled after the Amazing Race TV series, our playground shrunk to the confines of the Yale-NUS College campus. Instead of gathering before a crowd in the Multi-Purpose Hall, with music booming and cheers saturating the air, we found ourselves dancing awkwardly before our webcams and phone cameras, in sky gardens, suites, and quiet courtyards. The downscaled aMaze and disjointed mass dance are just a few of many
Under this new change, Student Government Presidents will be provided with a semesterly stipend of $1000, whereas the Vice Presidents will be provided with a stipend of $800 per semester in exchange for their service from the Dean of Students (DoS) Office.
From lack of vegetarian options to finding foreign objects in their food, student complaints have been arising about Sodexo, the College's caterer. Lara Kine investigates to understand both students and Sodexo's perspectives on the matter.
Silvia tells some campus tales to keep you up at night.
In many Asian societies, tattoos are still considered taboo, and because school is a place of learning and influence, tattoos—associated with gangsters, drug use and “bad company” in general—are frowned upon. Understanding more about people’s relationships with their tattoos, once considered a sign of a criminal or a deviant, is thus fascinating.
story | Chloe Lim When I first came to Yale-NUS College, I was ready to leave. Yale-NUS was not my “dream school”; the new “hippie” liberal arts college was a far cry from the traditional local schools of law and medicine, and other more long-standing, prestigious universities overseas that I extolled. I was incredibly skeptical towards this young institution and what it had to offer, just like many others around me. This made me a relatively unexcited freshman, and there were times where I wished the years would pass sooner, so that I could get on with my life for
Understanding diversity statistics is the first step to understanding inclusivity on campus.
Yale-NUS College’s Class of 2024 arrived on campus and embarked on their university life as planned despite the global chaos and uncertainties. Yihui speaks to the Admissions Team to find out more about the Class of 2024.