Saga tree at Yale-NUS' new campus

Soul To The Highest Bidder

column Adam Goh When President Pericles Lewis first announced that our residential colleges (RC) would be renamed from RC1, RC2 and RC3 to Saga, Elm and Cendana respectively, many of us felt a sense of loss. We had grown attached to our former names—including freshmen, who had barely spent a month here—and even today, some still […]

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Dining hall food wastage

Lamentable Leftovers

The Food Wastage Problem At Yale-NUS story Rachel Lim Cheng Woon Leftover food in SR4 from a major advising session!” a post on the Yale-NUS College Students Facebook Group announced. Holly Apsley ’18 rushed down to find pastries and pasta and brought some up for her suitemates. In the recent weeks, Facebook announcements on excess catered […]

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Yale-NUS major offerings.

Making Major Decisions

Yale-NUS’s Inaugural Class Declares Majors story Li Ting Chan Having spent most of their past two years taking Common Curriculum courses, the pioneer class at Yale-NUS College has finally declared their majors. While this marks a milestone for sophomores, it is only the first of many in their academic careers. Unlike other Singaporean universities, Yale-NUS […]

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