The Octant Presents: Arts and Media

story | Joshua Wong, Yasunari Watanabe and Lian Szu-Jin

The Arts and Media (A&M) department does much, but is talked about little. Behind the successes of great productions such as Hamlet, Spring Awakening, and Sook Ching—to name but a few—is the tremendous A&M team.

A&M consists of four main pillars: Arts (including performance arts spaces and activities, Dance and Arts studios, and the lighting systems in the dining halls); Media (covering videography, recording, and media equipment); classroom support (all technology in classrooms, such as WOWVision); and the Fabrication Studio (or Fab Lab).

In line with the array of end-of-semester shows currently taking place, The Octant is proud to present an up-close-and-personal feature on A&M. Three of our reporters learn about how A&M facilitates the Yale-NUS College arts scene. First, Yasu reports on the preparations for the Halloween Haunted House. Szu Jin, a dancer, then speaks about a lighting workshop she attended. Finally, Josh conducts a series of interviews with the individuals in the Arts department.