Safe Haven: Not Your Call
Guest columnist || Nicholas Carverhill Photo from the Sultan Knish blog My moral sensibilities are profoundly influenced by the recognition that I live a deeply privileged life. As a white, heterosexual, cis-gendered male, I have never had the core of my sense of self questioned or challenged as abnormal, deviant, or, at worse, abominable. The appropriate response
Notes for Panopt Forum on 7/11
Dear all, Having received permission from all participants in the forum, here are the full notes from the forum the Panopt team held last Friday night, 7 November. We have attached names to arguments only when participants have specially requested so, and all participants have had a chance to look through the notes and make
Under the Microscope: An investigation into YIRPA and DoS
Joyan Tan Photo used with permission from YIRPA When the new executive board of Yale-NUS International Relations and Political Association (YIRPA) was elected into office on Oct. 8, they took a vote on whether to keep YIRPA open and running. The eventual vote was in favour of keeping YIRPA for the next academic year, before another
Beyond the ‘A’ Cup
This article is written in collaboration with On Century Avenue, the student publication at NYU Shanghai. Spandana Bhattacharya ’17 Yale-NUS College, Kadallah Burrowes ’18 NYU Shanghai Photos by Joyan Tan On Friday Oct. 31, delegates from four different student organizations in Yale-NUS College arrived in Shanghai, China to meet with their NYU Shanghai counterparts. While
Halloween Comes to Yale-NUS
Yonatan Gazit Photos by Pareen Chaudhari, Christopher Khew A dark pathway with twists and turns. Fog in the air and blood on the walls. Mannequins covered in sheets. A shrill shriek. Fluttering of some hanging cloth. One of the mannequins starts. These were several of many scenes during Yale-NUS’s haunted house. The latter was one
Yale-NUS triumphs in Basketball: An Interview with Shaun Tan ’17
In the inaugural battle for the ‘A’ cup — The Pioneers of American Universities in Asia: NYU-Shanghai vs. Yale-NUS on Nov. 1, the Yale-NUS Men’s Basketball Team triumphed with an ending score of 71-69. In an interview with one of the shooting guards, Shaun Tan ’17, discusses the game and his experiences. When did the basketball
Check Your Privilege
Lishani Ramanayake || Guest Columnist Photo by Pareen Chaudhari Transitioning into college life is a definite change from high school-it’s scary, it’s difficult, and Yale-NUS’ efforts at being the cushion that allows for a comfortable transition is undoubtedly appreciated by us all. This means, however, that we must ask ourselves a difficult question: where is
Why “safe”, “inclusive”, and “community” should not be seen in the same sentence
Rakesh Prabhakaran || Guest Columnist Photo from 343 Industries In a community which is so accepting of all religions, sexual orientations, and cultures, we sometimes commit the fatal error of being intolerant of the ‘intolerant’. If we want to create a truly “safe and inclusive” environment (to quote the 14th October opinion piece, which was
Sophomores travel to Langkawi
Story and photos by Joyan Tan On Friday, Oct. 24, 61 sophomores flew into Langkawi, Malaysia for a Foundations of Science (FoS) field trip. Students were divided into six groups, each group participating in four activities over the course of the trip. Accompanied by FoS faculty, students visited an observatory, went on a mangrove walk, sailed around
By Students, For Students
May Tay Photo by Pareen Chaudhari When Hillary Loh ’18 returned from a lecture, she found a slip of paper at her door. “Good morning sunshine! Thank you for making this school an even better place by participating in the Angels game,” it read, before announcing the name of her Mortal. The past month or so