The posters supporting Hong Kong’s Umbrella Revolution were reinstated in elevators within 12 hours.
Yale-NUS upholds free speech on campus
Spandana Bhattacharya Photo by Christopher Khew Early morning on Oct. 10, David Chia ’17 saw an official from the NUS Office of Housing Services (OHS) remove a poster reading, “In Solidarity with Hong Kong students” from a Yale-NUS elevator. The incident refused to leave his mind. “I felt like I should write something,” recounted Chia
Towards self-rule
May Tay Photo by Pareen Chaudhari On Tuesday evening, Oct. 14, the Elected Student Council (ESC) held its first General Assembly of the year. The event was attended by approximately 60 students, coming up to about a fifth of the student body across the Classes of 2017 and 2018. The ESC was created to help
To fall in love with words
David Chappell Photo by Christopher Khew “I confess I fall in love with words, the sound and color and flavor of words every day, or at least the days I get to spend reading and researching. How can you come across words like okapi, kakamora, dousing, and wentletrap and not fall madly, hopelessly in love?
Overpromising a Dream
Jared Yeo || Guest Columnist Photo used with permission from Yale-NUS Admissions “Wow, your college is doing so much. You are really fortunate to be in Yale-NUS,” my mother said as she flipped through the Yale-NUS College Year-in-Review. I sat next to her, and felt a sense of pride – I was part of something
The Value of the RC system
Kavya Gopal Photo by Pareen Chaudhari Saga, Elm, Cendana. To most, these trees mean nothing beyond landscaping. At Yale-NUS College however, their significance relates to one of the fundamental principles on which this college was built — the Residential College system. With this as an integral part of the school’s culture, many students have conflicting
Yale-NUS gives the arts community a helping hand
Yonatan Gazit At 6:30 p.m. on Thursday Oct. 9th about 30 Yale-NUS College students, with interests ranging from the visual arts to acting, singing, film studies, and dance, trickled into Seminar Rooms One and Two, greeted by plenty of Baileys Irish Cream. Arts Programming, operating under the Educational Resource Center, was holding its kickoff meeting
On Sport and Spirit: An Interview with James Shirvell
Raeden Richardson Photo by Christoper Khew James Shirvell occupies many roles at Yale-NUS College. Holder of two Yale University Track and Field records – in the 1,500 meter and one mile events – Shirvell now works alongside Wainright Khoo in the expanding Athletics Department, bringing his previous collegiate sports experience to Yale-NUS to build teams
Statement on creating a safe and inclusive environment that promotes civil and open discourse
We are a group of students who are concerned about the recent incident of a student who put up parody posters that trivialised the trans* identity of the trans* community and the subsequent justification provided for his actions. While we acknowledge and appreciate the student’s intention to encourage reflection on issues relating to the LGBTQ community, we believe
Week 7 in pictures
From Sept. 23 to Oct. 2, the class of 2018 embarked on exciting journeys for their Week 7 projects. Here’s a glimpse of what they experienced: Photos used with permission from: Tamara Burgos, Pareen Chaudhari, Fatima Daif, Liam Holmes, Kimberly Hoong, Lim Chu Hsien, Glen Koh, Sarah Novak, Rachel Quek Siew Yean Bookmark(0) Please login
When will the college cross the road?
May Tay It was Thursday evening. As 9 p.m. neared and the sound system was tested, a buzz rippled through the growing crowd in the Multi-Purpose Hall. The President’s Town Hall was about to begin. President Pericles Lewis began his presentation by announcing updates on the upcoming campus. One by one, his slides flashed pictures of