Yonatan Gazit Photo by Christopher Khew All “untagged” bicycles in Residential College Four’s storage room were thrown out on Thursday, Nov. 13th. The tagging exercise was meant to “certify that it is a bicycle that belongs to a Yale-Nus student,” Martin Vasev ’18 said, who was the point of contact between the administration and students […] Read more
Guest columnists || David Chappell, Tee Zhuo Photo from New Line Cinema We are not arguing for or against a student government – we are actually in favour of effective governance, since it could provide a strong body to represent student opinion to the administration on a wide range of important and urgent issues. But […] Read more
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Guest columnist || Jay Lusk Illustration from Wikimedia Commons In the column next to this, you have seen some arguments against the formation of a student government using the current process created by the Elected Student Committee (ESC). I want to do two things in this article: 1) explain why we need a student government as a concept, […] Read more
Guest columnists || Hoa Nguyen, Raeden Richardson, Shanice Stanislaus Photo Illustration by Pareen Chaudhari Fellow schoolmates, We want to bring your attention to a matter that deeply concerns us: the recent spate of personal attacks on the ‘Yale-NUS Confessions’ page on Facebook. Many of us do not belong to the page, neither are we vocal on […] Read more
David Chappell Photo by Pareen Chaudhari On Wednesday, 5 Nov. 2014, looking like a scene from Martin Scorsese’s Wolf of Wall Street (albeit minus the obscenities) the Investment Mastermind’s FinAnalyse final got underway. Over the course of the night, the five FinAnalyse finalists would be fighting it out to be declared the winner of the competition […] Read more
Yonatan Gazit, May Tay Photo by Christopher Khew The student health insurance covering all Yale-NUS College students “provides very affordable top-notch medical care,” according to the admissions website, and ensures basic medical bills are covered in the case of accidents and illnesses. Yale- NUS students share the same student health insurance as NUS students. Alongside enjoying […] Read more
Kavya Gopal Photo by Christopher Khew A Liberal Arts education is often characterised as a safe haven for those with a hazy idea of their major. With two years before making the nail-biting, sweat- inducing, life-defining decision, many students do not begin seriously making a choice till their sophomore year. But some students at Yale-NUS never had this […] Read more
Guest Columnist || Payal Lal It was sunny and it was raining, which made the day even worse than it had already been. I was just outside the UHC, walking towards the Yusof Ishak House to search for an ATM.I had just been diagnosed with chickenpox and didn’t have enough cash to pay for $60 worth of […] Read more
Guest columnist || Nicholas Carverhill Photo from the Sultan Knish blog My moral sensibilities are profoundly influenced by the recognition that I live a deeply privileged life. As a white, heterosexual, cis-gendered male, I have never had the core of my sense of self questioned or challenged as abnormal, deviant, or, at worse, abominable. The appropriate response […] Read more
Dear all, Having received permission from all participants in the forum, here are the full notes from the forum the Panopt team held last Friday night, 7 November. We have attached names to arguments only when participants have specially requested so, and all participants have had a chance to look through the notes and make […] Read more