President’s Town Hall: 9 Oct, 8pm-9pm
For the most recent Yale-NUS College’s President’s Town Hall, Panopt live-tweeted updates from the event for all who were unable to attend the Town Hall physically. Below is a summary of all the tweets (most recent on top): Important News: Each RC gets their own pool table Each floor will consist of 2-3 suites (12-18
Editors’ Note
Logo by Parag Bhatnagar Cartoon by Han Chong “The Panopticon is a machine for dissociating the see/ being seen dyad: in the peripheric ring, one is totally seen, without ever seeing; in the central tower, one sees everything without ever being seen.” — Michel Foucault For a year now, our name—‘Panopt’ has been the source
A Major or Minor Question
Yonatan Gazit, May Tay Infographic by Christopher Khew Four years ago, Samuel Lum ’17 was interning at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. The experience made him realise the central role of finance in businesses, and inspired an academic interest in the field, which he now hopes to pursue as a minor. Students like Lum with
Week 7 in Asia and the World
Yonatan Gazit, May Tay Photo used with permission from Tan Weiliang Week Seven at Yale-NUS started with the Class of 2018 dispersing over parts of the globe for their Learning Across Boundaries (LABs) trips, with some starting over the middle of Fall Recess Week and the last one ending on Friday, Oct. 3. The trips
Critiquing the Common Curriculum
Regina Marie Lee With half a semester over, the Class of 2018 has finally had a taste of a key aspect of Yale-NUS: the Common Curriculum. For six weeks, freshmen took classes in Philosophy and Political Thought, Literature and Humanities, Comparative Social Institutions and Scientific Inquiry. Many were excited for the Common Curriculum courses–did it
Carpe Diem
Kavya Gopal Sleep-deprived, caffeinated, hungry – there are many words that you could use to sum up the plight of college kids across the world. But perhaps one that is universal is the image of the college kid as perpetually broke. With Singapore topping the charts as one of the most expensive countries to live
A look-back on the IFGs
David Chappell Photo by Pareen Chaudhari A successful free throw from the business faculty brought the basketball final on Friday, Sept. 17 and the IFGs to a nail biting conclusion. Yet, while Yale-NUS College may have narrowly missed out on victory in the closely fought 42-40 game, their performance in the IFGs as a whole
Why do we care so much about grades?
Kaushik Swaminathan Photo from Christopher Khew Enrolling from the top 3% of a Yale-NUS application pool is remarkable, not simply because of the low acceptance rate but because we have chosen to come here to be the torch bearers, to be in the vanguard of an educational revolution. Six weeks into school, we now have
Anne Caroline Franklin || Guest Columnist A good friend once told me “the way I see truth is like this – each one of us is looking through a tiny keyhole on a different door into a singular room. We are looking into the same room, but the interior looks completely different for each person,
Editors’ Note
This issue of PANOPT marks the end of Volume I. The past four weeks have been overwhelming, challenging and beyond amazing. We have reported on dengue outbreak and the IFG, raised questions about our school identity, gender issues and the 2MC courses, and featured the party scene and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on campus.