Anne Caroline Franklin || Guest Columnist A good friend once told me “the way I see truth is like this – each one of us is looking through a tiny keyhole on a different door into a singular room. We are looking into the same room, but the interior looks completely different for each person,
Editors’ Note
This issue of PANOPT marks the end of Volume I. The past four weeks have been overwhelming, challenging and beyond amazing. We have reported on dengue outbreak and the IFG, raised questions about our school identity, gender issues and the 2MC courses, and featured the party scene and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on campus.
Yale-NUS Debate Juggernaut rolls out
Raeden Richardson Photo used with permission from Nicholas Carverhill The Yale-NUS College Debate Society opened its international campaign with a successful trip to Jakarta, Indonesia, competing in the Indonesian Debate Open. Pitted against teams from over 20 different countries, the squad of six took home the championship trophy and an array of individual accolades. Nicholas
Yale-NUS community expands for a weekend
Yonatan Gazit, May Tay Photo used with permission from Tamara Burgos Yale-NUS College invited student’s families to learn about and experience some aspects of the school over Family Weekend, a two-and-a-half day event held at Residential College Four. From the morning Friday, Sept. 5 to noon, Sunday, Sept. 7 students’ families were invited to Yale-NUS
Uprooting: Marriages in Academia
Kavya Gopal, Regina Marie Lee Photo by Pareen Chaudhari “How’d you like to move to Singapore?” “What, where?” When Dean of Faculty Charles Bailyn first proposed moving halfway across the world from New Haven, Yale to Singapore in 2009, his wife, Dr. Rebecca Tannenbaum, was a little hesitant. “I didn’t know much about the country
Losing school IFG virginity
David Chappell Photo used with permission from Julianne Thomson With the end of Yale-NUS College’s first Inter Faculty Games in sight, our sweaty and exhausted sports teams can look forward to a well deserved breather, after finishing on a high note. The opportunity to compete against NUS’s various faculties, with over six years of experience
What have we built?
Daniel Soo || Guest Columnist Photo used with permission from Yale-NUS Singaporientation 2014 In 1912, Emile Durkheim wrote about the concept of “collective effervescence” to describe the state of communion of thought, emotion or action. A century and a year later, a Yale professor visited Yale-NUS College and described our community with those very words—collective
What’s in a name?
May Tay Photos used with permission from Yale-NUS Singaporientation 2014 Saga. Elm. Chendana. These are the new temporary names of the three residential colleges (RCs) in Yale-NUS College. The announcement was made during The President’s Town Hall with students by the Rectors and Vice-Rectors of all three RCs in the dining hall last Fri, Aug.
Lunch Tag: Yale-NUS “Speed-Dating”
Yonatan Gazit Photo used with permission from Rachel Quek Lunch Tag, held from Aug. 25 – Sept. 14 among Yale-NUS students, offers the student body a chance to grow closer through friendly competition. Students can sign up online for the event, after which they are given the name of a fellow schoolmate. The two then
No Time to Breathe: A DF’s Life
Kavya Gopal, Regina Marie Lee Photo used with permission from Alyson Rozells On a typical day, Dean’s Fellow (DF) Hao Guang meets at least one or two students for one-on-one talks and clocks in two to four hours at the Writers’ Center advising students on their work. In between, he rushes to various meetings with