Yale Short Courses
story Yonatan Gazit | May Tay Two weeks before classes began for the sophomores at Yale-NUS, seven Yale professors made the trip halfway around the globe from New Haven to Singapore. They were here to visit the Yale-NUS and NUS campuses, as well as to teach mini-courses for the Class of 2017. These classes lasted
Editors’ Note
A week after the first issue, all newspapers have disappeared from their boxes, several emails have popped into our inbox and many conversations have erupted in the dining hall. We look back and think: this is the kind of critical discourse our community needs, and which PANOPT is committed to. We realize certain individuals in
Does Yale-NUS party?
story Joyan Tan | Kavya Gopal 6 August, 4.30PM: 30-40 sophomores gathered in the multi-purpose hall (MPH) for a school-organized talk on Navigating Social Spaces. For a “mandatory” session for all sophomores, attendance was painfully low. Students gathered in small groups in the almost-empty MPH and discussed alcohol consumption in serious voices. To the question, “What
Meditations on First Ideology
story Ling Xi Min Working for Admissions meant that lots of people asked me why I chose to go to Yale-NUS. Sometimes though, ‘answers’ are more articulated notion/emotion than rational, considered idea. But a good look at our reflexive responses can produce insights about ourselves: “I chose Yale-NUS because it gives me a sense of
ICG 2014
What Are We Playing For?
story Raeden Richardson We are not NUS students. We did not reject prestigious universities across the globe, leave families on the other side of the world, tread the unbeaten path or bind ourselves to the Singaporean government to matriculate as NUS students. Our reason for taking these risks and dreaming these dreams is because we
Becoming a Service-Oriented Community
story Spandana Bhattacharya | May Tay As the hustle and bustle of activities on campus slowly wound down near the end of last semester, over 50 students of Yale-NUS’s inaugural batch were gearing up for one last event. They were attending the Centre for International and Professional Experience’s (CIPE) flagship program, the NGO Bootcamp. The
RC2 Orientation
First Year Adventures in SEA
story Spandana Bhattacharya | May Tay On 7 August, the college’s freshmen class packed their bags and embarked on their 5-day Orientation Adventure Trips. These trips were part of their 18 day long orientation program, and took place in three different Southeast Asian countries: Laos (RC 1), Malaysia (RC 2) and Vietnam (RC 3). There were
Editors’ Note
In the wee hours of 8 October 2013, Panopt was born. There was little kicking and screaming, and sounds of ‘ooh-ing’ and ‘ahh-ing’ soon accompanied the blue and orange papers on elevators, notice-boards, and common lounges. It was a smooth delivery. Panopt started out as an academic newsletter under the Vice-Rector’s Office. We no longer exist in
Bleeding Blue and Orange
story Dave Chappell Whilst a sudden downpour may have rained off the semester’s first basketball match on Friday 29 Aug. 2014, it did little to dampen spirits. The rapturous applause drowned out the pummelling rain, the claps of thunder sticks rivalled those of the actual thunder and the screams from the crowd brought a hush
Yale-NUS professors engage in intense discussion.
Spirit of the Independent Course
story Graham Link Independent Courses are arguably one of this college’s most compelling benefits. The opportunity to propose, build and shape your own course is simply unique in higher education. These courses erase our major labels and grade anxieties, allowing us to pursue knowledge with no other purpose beyond itself. In short, we become learners