Is Yale-NUS College Home?

Every year, more than 200 students join Yale-NUS, of which around 40% or more do not come from Singapore. Bilge chats with three students on their ideas of home and being away from home.

Where’s the NUS in Yale-NUS?

story | Ethel Pang, Contributing Reporter photo | Elesin Teo, Chief Photographer    As a “true-blue” Singaporean, I find that I can easily flit betwee...

The Future of Finance in Student Government

“Finance in this year’s Student Government may not look big, fast or exciting,” said Director of Finance Ryan Yoong ’20, “but there’s nothing wrong with that.” Alysha reports.

Is Yale-NUS Safe?

Do you feel comfortable keeping your doors unlocked? Leaving stuff around? What do you do when stuff goes missing? Amanda talks to students who have experienced theft at Yale-NUS College.

As We Waste Away

As the new semester starts, let us look at what we put on our plate.

What Happened to the Perch Fund?

With the debut of the 5th Yale-NUS Student Government, students may notice the stark absence of FINCOM and the Perch fund. Alysha reports on the changes made.

The Faces of Yale-NUS’ New Caterer

story | Casidhe Ng and Alcan Sng, Contributing Reporters photo | Alcan Sng At the end of lunch service, the doors close and the dining hall empties....

Yale-NUS Holds Fourth Annual Summer Research Symposium

Yale-NUS’ annual Summer Research Symposium returned for its fourth iteration between Sept. 4-6. Over 30 students presented their research in Saga Lecture Theatre 1 and the Tan Chin Tuan Lecture Theatre.

The Art of Life, through Travels

story | Cheong Zi Gi, Joseph Han, Ng Yi Ming, Yeo Rui Qi, Guest Writers photo | Ng Yi Ming, Guest Photographer Over the summer, 4 rising sophomores set o...

Social Media: To Shun or Not to Shun?

story | William Hoo, Contributing Reporter photo | Esther Koh, Contributing Photographer When Julia Tatarynowicz ’22 was 14, she was tagged in a Face...

Sit down, be civil

story | Grady Ng, Guest Writer photo | Esther Koh, Contributing Photographer   It took me a single moment of seeing a staff member’s anguish in respon...

On the Dream of Communism

story | Avery Simmons, Guest Writer photo | Avery Simmons   Where I grew up, Communism was a dirty word. For the first 18 years of my life, I liv...

What has replaced the RCX trips?

story | Wong Shiying, Contributing Reporter photo | Glen Koh This year, the Residential College Experience (RCX) trip was removed from Orientation f...

What Do We Do With A Rapist’s Guilt?

Trigger Warning: This article contains references and depictions of sexual violence, which some readers may find triggering. Please read with discretion. Dealing with sexual violence is already extremely difficult, but never is it more so than when it involves friends and peers. Sya writes about her hopes about how the community can do better.