A Not So Common Curriculum

Yale-NUS students hail from at least forty countries and hundreds of different schools and education systems. But all students have to take the same Common Curriculum. Rhyhan explores the consequences of these different backgrounds.
In it's first year, Yale-NUS College felt more like a summer camp.

Memoirs of the Halcyon

story | Vasudha Kataruka photo | Anshuman Mohan, Bozy Lu, Yale-NUS Admissions From RC4 to the New Campus Growing from 150 students to a...
Yale-NUS College offers 14 different majors.

Major Decisions

story | Neo Huiyuan, Arts Editor and Pham Le Vi, News Editor photo | Rachel Juay “I’ve just declared my major,” Svetlana Kekutiia ’19 anno...
SUTD's modern campus

SUTD: A Distant Sibling Of Yale-NUS?

story | Lian Szu Jin photo | Eun Jung Min and Lian Szu Jin Over the past six months, I’ve journeyed to the distant land of Singapore Unive...
Yale-NUS College Campus

The Common Curriculum Needs to Stay

story | Yip Jia Qi, Opinion Editor photo | Rachel Juay I came to Yale-NUS College for the Common Curriculum, not despite it. The Common Cu...