Sodexo’s investigation of food poisoning claims finds themselves not to blame
After more than 20 students complained of gastric issues after eating dining hall food, Sodexo interviewed five people and found themselves not to blame. Jasmine reports.
A Capybara is not a rat
In this week’s visual column, Erika, who works with Professor Vinod Saranathan to collect data on the iridescence of sunbird feathers for his study of avian evolution, muses on animal welfare.
The ‘No Vote’ Option in Student Government Elections is Unfair
In Student Government elections, candidates often find themselves running against ‘No Vote’. Jun Jie tells us why he thinks this is unfair.
The Octant Explains: What’s in a Name?
Kewalram Chanrai. Tan Chin Tuan. Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho. You know the name, but you don’t know the story. Rhyhan and William will tell you.
Sodexo Responds to Meal Tap Situation
Worried about how many lunch credits you have left? Tap on this.
Exchange Students Become the First Group on Campus to Gain Senate Representation
Constitutional reforms now allow for students to join the Senate representing either affinity or interest groups, with two exchange students already forming an affinity group. Alysha reports.
It’s forever, you know?
The Octant is introducing a weekly photo essay! In this issue, Xi Zhe reminisces about his favorite memory from the December break.
I’m a coward, but I’m trying not to be one
Sometimes we’re not who we want to be. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. Reza tells us about his experience learning to be courageous, one punch at a time.
Chris Lis: A Star is Born
We may think we know Chris Lis ’21. But do we really? Amanda uncovers shocking information about her friend.
Unrest continues over the Student Effort Contribution
Unrest over the Student Effort Contribution has continued into the new year, with the Senate passing a resolution condemning the policy for disadvantaging underprivileged students. Harrison reports.