A picture of the book, the meritocracy trap
"A thought that has often crossed my mind since coming to Yale-NUS is: even though taking everything so seriously right now is clearly making me anxious and possibly even depressed, it will all pay off in the long run, right?" Harrison contemplates how our privilege makes us unwilling participants in the cycle of inequality.
A message to the Yale-NUS Community on behalf of the faculty regarding the ongoing protests against police brutality.
Visual depicting all the colleges and countries that contributed to this piece.
In the face of a global crisis, hear the voices from student newspapers all over the world.
Ting Qi muses on the nature of change in our final article for our Kingfishers Connect Issue. "By letting go of my stuffed toys, maybe I’ll finally have space to develop new skills by replacing them with a drum set, or perhaps another bookshelf."
When I fell in love with Yale-NUS after my interview, I realized I had a tough decision to make. Maleeka, another prospective student, takes us through her thoughts and worries.
What do you think when you hear the word home? One our of Prospective students shares there experience of home.
"While I’m not sure that everyone faces these same third culture kid problems as I do, it sure would be ironically wholesome to belong in a community where everyone’s split between communities."
Michael and Avani write about what home in Singapore looks like to them.
Yihui explores the lived experiences of deaf people in Singapore and what it means to build an inclusive society.
Differing expectations make it easy for faculty to escape the scrutiny that students cannot.