From Arrow to Algorithm: The Aphrodite Project Could Find You True Love
Come this Sunday, participants of the Aphrodite Project might be matched with their soulmates. Michael speaks to the creators behind the campus-wide matchmaking survey to find out more.
Rest and Support at NUS’ “Pit Stop”
Alicia ventures into NUS to tell us more about the resources available to us a bus ride away.
Have Some Selective (Self) Empathy: Lessons from Nas Daily
“After attending the intimate post-event dinner, where questions focused less on politics and more on his personal journey as a content creator, I realized that it is not simply delusion, but rather faith, that enables Nas Daily.“
Designing the Waste out of the Dining Hall: Yale-NUS’ Answer to Food Wastage
“We are not here to be served, but to learn how to develop our thinking and contribute to society and the environment. Walking a few more minutes to another dining hall is the least that we can do.” Yihui makes a case for why we should all take steps to reduce food wastage.
‘Academic Rigor’ in Service of the State
“The college should own, accept, and examine the sociopolitics of the issue, instead of disavowing all political responsibilities by retreating to the seemingly impartial ground of “academic rigor”. In light of the cancelled Week 7 LAB, Wee Yang examines Yale-NUS’ role in Singapore.
Are You a Kingfisher for Consent?
Many Yale-NUS students have participated in consent dialogues during Orientation and signed Kingfishers for Consent’s consent pledges. But how else is the school working to foster a culture of consent on campus? Lindy finds out more.
Calls to Action from the SG Climate Rally
The recent Singapore Climate Rally garnered a lot of attention in the press and on social media – but what are the actual policy changes the Rally called for? Dion reports.
Local Students Become Kingfishers for a Day
The week of Sept. 9, 2019 saw 109 students from local pre-university institutions visiting the College for the Kingfisher for a Day program to experience a typical day in the life of a Yale-NUS student. Ryan reports.
First-Years Struggle With Opening DBS Bank Accounts
Many international students in the Class of 2023 have experienced trouble with their Development Bank of Singapore (DBS) bank accounts. Raphael reports.
Financial Aid Office Addresses Student Complaints
Miscommunications and Standing Committees. Avani writes about the problems plaguing need-based financial aid on campus.