babies! A Review
“While a little messy and off-kilter at certain points, babies! was enjoyable and heartwarming.” Steven and Runchen review babies!, which ran from March 29–31 at the Yale-NUS Black Box Theatre.
What We Owe To Each Other: Student Wages at Yale-NUS
Student workers at Yale-NUS’ butteries are paid SGD $9/hr, less than the cost of four Adlins. Avani tells us why this is not right.
Taste, Acquired: Student Start-up Flavorgator Aims to Improve Dining Feedback
Amidst all the controversy surrounding dining at Yale-NUS, Flavorgator attempts to build a bridge between students and dining provider Sodexo. Avani tells us more.
Foreign Domestic Labor Rights: Policy Experts Speak at Yale-NUS
The Roosevelt Institute brought together a panel of experts from NTUC, the Asia Research Institute, and Yale-NUS College to discuss foreign domestic labor rights in Singapore. Dion tells us more.
‘WasteLess’ for a Week
18th to 22nd March was WasteLess Week, an initiative led by I’dECO to promote waste reduction and help students go zero-waste. Rhyhan reports.
Election Reforms Take Effect
For the first time in the history of Yale-NUS, Student Government elections are taking place in April. This is one of the constitutional reforms put in place to make the Student Government more visible. Michelle reports.
So you want to be the President: A Closer Look at the Prospective Candidates
You’ve seen their campaign posters in the lifts. You’ve read their Facebook posts. You’ve spoken to them in the Elections forums. Still confused about who to vote for in the upcoming Student Government elections? Aryan speaks to all the candidates for Student Government President and breaks it down.
Yale-NUS College Announces Opt-out Option
You asked for it, and you got it. Yale-NUS College has announced an “opt-out” option to students. We report.
All the Signs (and Flags) at the Anti-Brexit March
On Saturday, Mar. 23, hundreds of thousands of people marched into central London to protest Britain’s exit from the European Union (EU), also known as ‘Brexit’, a process set into motion by a national referendum back in 2016. Terence shows us what he saw that day.
Nathaniel Mah: College and Engaged (Four)
To marry your first love is everyone’s dream. Amanda talks to Nathaniel Mah about his engagement to his first and last love, Janeen Loh.