Stepping out of the Steel Gates and Ivory Towers: A Guide (Part 1)
story | Paul Jerusalem photo | Paul Jerusalem In an article by Ethel Pang ’22, she ponders: Where’s the NUS in Yale-NUS? This is undoubtedly an important question that, as Pang notes, has been asked time and again by other Yale-NUS College students. It is understandable that a first-year student would feel a disconnection more
Is Yale-NUS a Fully Residential College?
story | Sofia Sigal-Passeck, Guest Writer photo | Sofia Sigal-Passeck While the exact definition of a fully residential college is not that clear, it is generally thought that at a fully residential college, students do not need to leave campus to satisfy their basic needs. Yale-NUS College strives to uphold that standard by spending a
Financial Assistance for Student Programmes Is Undergoing Review
story | Dion Ho, Senior Writer photo | Ruchel Phua, Staff Photographer Executive Vice President (Academic Affairs) and acting Dean of Students, Joanne Roberts, has called for a campus-wide assessment of financial assistance for student programmes. One of her main concerns is that the current system is too decentralized. This assessment, conducted by Student Services,
Prominent Presidential Candidate’s Talk Leaves Students Wanting More
story | Justin Ong, Executive Editor photo | Bozy Lu On Oct. 16, Elm College hosted former People’s Action Party (PAP) Member of Parliament (MP) and former presidential candidate Tan Cheng Bock during a Rector’s Tea. His talk, titled “Singapore—a Meritocratic Society,” was held at the Tan Chin Tuan Lecture Theatre to a full house
What is Dead May Never Die: Learning Dead Languages at Yale-NUS
story | Avani Adhikari, Staff Writer photo | Wang Xing Hao With as much liberty as the pixelated connection would allow, Wang Xing Hao ’21, also known as George, sat down to answer my questions on a sunny morning in Rome for him, but a rainy evening for me in Singapore. “Everything is done in
A Not So Common Curriculum
Yale-NUS students hail from at least forty countries and hundreds of different schools and education systems. But all students have to take the same Common Curriculum. Rhyhan explores the consequences of these different backgrounds.
“The Spirit Is Willing But the Flesh is Weak”: Why are Freshman Lectures So Empty?
How often did you attend Common Curriculum lectures? Alex and Wisha explore the yearly phenomenon of decreasing lecture attendances.
Senate Announces Resolution to Tackle Academic Stress
Are the kids alright? The Student Government Senate doesn’t think so. Avani and Wisha report on the Senate resolution to tackle academic stress.
Religious and silent: why some don’t want to voice opinions on 377A
When seeking interviews for an article on Section 377A, The Octant faced difficulty getting students affiliated with religious groups to speak on the record. Justin writes about their silence.
The Point of Scientific Inquiry
story | Goh Rui Zhe, Guest Writer photo | Khang Huynh When I took Scientific Inquiry 2 (SI2) last year, I thought that the course content was far too simple to be interesting. Much of what was taught in my class was chemistry that I had learnt in high school. When I consulted professors to