Still Life in Motion
Dana Lam’s Still Life paints a portrait of the artist that is anything but still. Amanda explores life as seen through Ms. Lam’s dynamic eyes.
What’s in a Story: Storytelling in Yale-NUS
There's a new student organization on the block – one entirely conceptualized and brought to life by first-year students. William tells us their story.
Why the Abolition of Streaming in Singapore’s Public School System Matters to Yale-NUS
With students from the Normal stream being underrepresented in the Yale-NUS student population, how is the recent news on structural reforms in Singapore’s mainstream education system relevant to us? Paul reflects on his time in neighborhood secondary schools as both a student and an educator and the implications that this policy change could have on the school he is about to leave.
The Octant Explains: Migrant Labour in Singapore
In this installment of “The Octant explains” we explore some of the facts and controversies surrounding migrant labor in Singapore.
Student Effort Contribution Discussed in Closed-door Dialogue with Governing Board
Some students are disappointed by the governing board members' response to SEC and dining issues at a recent closed-door dialogue.
Kingfisher Urban Farms: Turning Fruit Waste Into Frittatas
Remember the banana peel buckets in the dining halls? They were used by Kingfisher Urban Farms to make compost. Michelle reports.
Controversial Pink Hour Officially Launches in Yale-NUS Gym
Whether you agree with it or not, a Pink Hour has been implemented in the Yale-NUS gym. Michelle tells us more.
Skin Stories
In "Skin Stories," Inés seeks to break away from her photographic stagnancy and share her appreciation for tattoos.
Walking with William: Disability Access on Campus
After tearing his ACL, William found himself dealing with the challenges of getting around campus on a wheelchair. He tells us why he thinks Yale-NUS needs to think about better accommodating disabled students.
Cendana: Not a House, but a Home
The Cendana Block Party and an improved laundry system: these are just some of the new initiatives the Cendana College Council has come up with recently. Rhyhan finds out more.