Yehoon Ahn Wins Election to be Class of 2023 Representative
Yehoon wins the Election to be the Class of 2023 Representative with 42.7% of all votes, despite a controversial campaign policy.
Why It’s Sad That We Needed A Course on Dissent and Resistance
“Several days earlier, I had a conversation with an alumnus from the then University of Singapore about student activism in Singapore in the 1970s…Had the vibrant culture of student activism not been annihilated in the preceding decades, we would never have needed such a course.”
College Cuts Week 7 LAB on “Dialogue and Dissent in Singapore”
On Friday, September 13, the College decided that with Week 7 only two weeks away, there was no longer enough time to address concerns regarding the "Dialogue and Dissent in Singapore" LAB and that the program had to be canceled. Alysha and Harrison report.
Why Green, and Why Now? SG’s Blooming Environmental Movement
“Ultimately, Singapore can adapt itself all it wants -- but do we really want to live alone in a dead world?” Ajay tells us why you should join SG Climate Rally on September 21st 2019, at Speaker’s Corner, Hong Lim Park, from 3 pm - 6 pm.
Results of Sexual Climate Survey Announced at Town Hall
The recent sexual climate survey showed that while over 95% of respondents agreed that Yale-NUS faculty and staff treat students with respect, only 37.8% agreed or strongly agreed, that those who commit misconduct are held accountable for their actions. Akanksha reports.
Williams Professor Shares Stories of Statistical Sins
“Whether you have set your mind to an MCS degree or dread your bi-weekly QR lessons, it is clear that data analysis is essential to research in almost every field.”
The Latin Honours System Has To Go
With the review of the Latin Honours system approaching, Michael tells us why it’s time to pull the plug. 
Statistics from the Class of 2023
This academic year, Yale-NUS welcomes 246 first-year students, representing 39 different nationalities. To learn more about the Class of 2023, check out the following statistics compiled by Ruchel.
Visiting Professor’s ‘Anti-Muslim’ Op-ed Draws Concern From Students
Visiting Professor Shaul Mishal’s 2018 Haaretz Op-ed drew concerns from students over its similarities to white nationalist talking points. Alysha reports.
A group of Yale-NUS faculty members attended Fulbright University Vietnam’s April 2019 conference ‘New Approaches to University Education in Asia’.
Reflections on Fulbright University Vietnam: How Should We Engage With Other Asian Liberal Arts Institutions?
“Do we want to engage with an institution that is complicit in perpetuating America’s imperialistic foreign policies in Vietnam?” Following the participation of Yale-NUS College faculty members at a Fulbright University Vietnam’s (FUV) conference, Ai Huy Luu asks how Yale-NUS should engage with the school.