Reflecting on International Womxn’s Day
Yale-NUS saw lots of International Women’s Day events last week. Wisha asks if we are doing enough.
Before he was Dean: Getting to Know Rob Wessling
We’ve read the emails. We’ve been to the networking sessions. But how many of us really know Rob Wessling? Reza gets to know our new Dean of Students.
Posters, Town Halls, Angry Opinion Articles: Dissent and Disagreement at Yale-NUS
Yale-NUS has been through a lot in the last six years. Jia Qi summarizes.
Issues with Dining Dominate Town Hall Discussion
Issues discussed on the March 11 Town Hall included the police report Sodexo filed against a student, food safety in the dining halls and the feasibility of an “opt-out” option from meal plans. Dion reports.
Halcyon Heavens: The Yale-NUS Guide to the Universe
An astronomy photojournal collaboratively created by three Yale-NUS Student Organisations: The Octant, The Cosmoscience & Ashen Light. Every photo in this photojournal was taken through the lens of a telescope by Yale-NUS students!
College and Engaged
Many Yale-NUS College students spent their Valentine’s Day alone, but a special few shared the holiday with their fiances. Amanda talks to Brandon about being in college and engaged.
The ‘Money Matters’ exhibit reminds us that money does matter at Yale-NUS
Talking about money often makes people acutely uncomfortable. The ‘Money Matters’ exhibit shows us that we shouldn’t stay quiet. Wisha tells us more.
Sodexo’s investigation of food poisoning claims finds themselves not to blame
After more than 20 students complained of gastric issues after eating dining hall food, Sodexo interviewed five people and found themselves not to blame. Jasmine reports.
A Capybara is not a rat
In this week’s visual column, Erika, who works with Professor Vinod Saranathan to collect data on the iridescence of sunbird feathers for his study of avian evolution, muses on animal welfare.
The ‘No Vote’ Option in Student Government Elections is Unfair
In Student Government elections, candidates often find themselves running against ‘No Vote’. Jun Jie tells us why he thinks this is unfair.