From the Black Box to The Globe: Seven Week 7 Highlights
250 students. 14 hotly-contested destinations. One Week 7. What did they “learn across boundaries”? Kimberly, Wisha, Rhyhan, Aryan, Jun Jie, Michelle and Fatima write about their experiences.
Is Yale-NUS College Home?
Every year, more than 200 students join Yale-NUS, of which around 40% or more do not come from Singapore. Bilge chats with three students on their ideas of home and being away from home.
Where’s the NUS in Yale-NUS?
story | Ethel Pang, Contributing Reporter photo | Elesin Teo, Chief Photographer    As a “true-blue” Singaporean, I find that I can easily flit between two (very different) worlds with ease. Within Yale-NUS College, I feel like I can explore a world beyond our tiny island; our small, diverse community is very much unique in
The Future of Finance in Student Government
“Finance in this year’s Student Government may not look big, fast or exciting,” said Director of Finance Ryan Yoong ’20, “but there’s nothing wrong with that.” Alysha reports.
Financial Aid Now Available For Testing Learning Disabilities
Suspect you have a learning disability? Need the funds to get it checked out? The Centre for Teaching & Learning has got you covered. Wisha tells us more.
Yale-NUS Latin Honours: A Source of Distinction or Discrimination?
The Yale-NUS College Latin Honours system has caused a number of graduates to face pay discrimination. Dion and Shiying report on the problems they faced, as well as the Yale-NUS administration’s response.
Students Weigh in as Discussions on Section 377A reignite in Singapore
Should 377A be repealed or should it remain? A month after India’s landmark ruling to decriminalise sex between consenting males, The Octant asks students if Singapore can, or should, follow suit.
Crazy Unequal Nations: A tale of two outliers and the responsibilities of their progeny
story | Meghna Basu, Guest Writer photo | Meghna Basu   On a windy evening in January 2016, a group of unlike-minded individuals gathered atop Prospect Hill, New Haven — the site of the Yale University Observatory. It was the first major gathering of students and faculty from both Yale University and Yale-NUS College on
20KM, No Phones, Limited Water; Arduous Orientation Activity Raises Questions
They had to walk 20km with limited water and no phones, and only $20 to feed a group of six. No, they’re not doing National Service — they were part of Elm’s Orientation Teambuilder. Runchen, Esther, and Shiying report.
Is Yale-NUS Safe?
Do you feel comfortable keeping your doors unlocked? Leaving stuff around? What do you do when stuff goes missing? Amanda talks to students who have experienced theft at Yale-NUS College.