The Latin Honours System Has To Go
With the review of the Latin Honours system approaching, Michael tells us why it’s time to pull the plug. 
Statistics from the Class of 2023
This academic year, Yale-NUS welcomes 246 first-year students, representing 39 different nationalities. To learn more about the Class of 2023, check out the following statistics compiled by Ruchel.
Visiting Professor’s ‘Anti-Muslim’ Op-ed Draws Concern From Students
Visiting Professor Shaul Mishal’s 2018 Haaretz Op-ed drew concerns from students over its similarities to white nationalist talking points. Alysha reports.
A group of Yale-NUS faculty members attended Fulbright University Vietnam’s April 2019 conference ‘New Approaches to University Education in Asia’.
Reflections on Fulbright University Vietnam: How Should We Engage With Other Asian Liberal Arts Institutions?
“Do we want to engage with an institution that is complicit in perpetuating America’s imperialistic foreign policies in Vietnam?” Following the participation of Yale-NUS College faculty members at a Fulbright University Vietnam’s (FUV) conference, Ai Huy Luu asks how Yale-NUS should engage with the school.
RCA: Really Crazy Adventure
For our graduation issue, Wei Han reflects on his time as an Residential College Advisor (RCA).
Ithaca, or the Long Way Home
“We seem to be in a rich cultural vein for endings at the moment, endgames to wars waged infinity and uneasy iron thrones threatening to be filled. Where conclusions can easily be undone with endless prequels, spinoffs and retcons, where do we begin to get the sense of an ending after four breathless years?” With graduation looming, Zhi Hao reflects on his journey home.
You Change Your Mind Like a Yale-NUS Student Changes Majors
It is perfectly acceptable to be unsure of your choice in major after the major declaration exercise in Year 2 Semester 2, but right before graduation? Paul talks about the endless what-ifs that plague his decision despite having had an invaluable experience with his major.
Truth is…
At Yale-NUS it’s almost a rite of passage to freak out about how well your friend seems to be holding up when you’re shivering inside. Truth is, we’re all going along a journey in our own time own pace. Be brave and own it. You’ll get there when you do. Numhom reflects “I want to be honest with you about mine.”
I Don’t Feel Like Going Home
“Now that I’m back and almost done with my final year, I do not want to go home. I want to spend every minute here until security waits at the door for me to pack my bags. It is an almost cruel irony to think at the moment I most want to stay here that this space will be gone.” For our Graduation Issue, Justin meditates on home: the one he has built here, and the one he will return to when he graduates.
The Writers’ Centre: the Heart of Radical Change in the College
“We succeed in a writing consultation when the student leaves the session having changed their mind about how they thought of something, entirely prompted by writing that has already been done. Radical change, even when an assignment is to be submitted the very same night, sometimes.” For our Graduation Issue, Jolene reflects on her time as a peer tutor in the Writers’ Centre.