Yale-NUS triumphs in Basketball: An Interview with Shaun Tan ’17
In the inaugural battle for the ‘A’ cup — The Pioneers of American Universities in Asia: NYU-Shanghai vs. Yale-NUS on Nov. 1, the Yale-NUS Men’s Basketball Team triumphed with an ending score of 71-69. In an interview with one of the shooting guards, Shaun Tan ’17, discusses the game and his experiences. When did the basketball
Check Your Privilege
Lishani Ramanayake || Guest Columnist Photo by Pareen Chaudhari Transitioning into college life is a definite change from high school-it’s scary, it’s difficult, and Yale-NUS’ efforts at being the cushion that allows for a comfortable transition is undoubtedly appreciated by us all. This means, however, that we must ask ourselves a difficult question: where is
Why “safe”, “inclusive”, and “community” should not be seen in the same sentence
Rakesh Prabhakaran || Guest Columnist Photo from 343 Industries In a community which is so accepting of all religions, sexual orientations, and cultures, we sometimes commit the fatal error of being intolerant of the ‘intolerant’. If we want to create a truly “safe and inclusive” environment (to quote the 14th October opinion piece, which was
Sophomores travel to Langkawi
Story and photos by Joyan Tan On Friday, Oct. 24, 61 sophomores flew into Langkawi, Malaysia for a Foundations of Science (FoS) field trip. Students were divided into six groups, each group participating in four activities over the course of the trip. Accompanied by FoS faculty, students visited an observatory, went on a mangrove walk, sailed around
By Students, For Students
May Tay Photo by Pareen Chaudhari When Hillary Loh ’18 returned from a lecture, she found a slip of paper at her door. “Good morning sunshine! Thank you for making this school an even better place by participating in the Angels game,” it read, before announcing the name of her Mortal. The past month or so
Misplaced Trust
Regina Marie Lee Photo illustration by Pareen Chaudhari Knives, baking trays, an entire bottle of extra-virgin olive oil — Adlin Zainal ’17 lost all these items when she left them in the kitchen, and she is not alone. A recent spate of high-profile thefts has brought the stealing problem in Yale-NUS College into the spotlight.
SKI, BOARD AND SURF: Developing Yale-NUS’ Sports
David Chappell Photos used with permission from Kalya Kee and Luke Ong On Sunday Sept. 21, Luke Ong ’18 began gathering interest on a potential Ski, Board and Surf Team for Yale-NUS College. Four weeks later, the proposal, along with 25 signatures expressing interest in the club, has been sent to the Office of the Dean of
The Name Game
Nicholas Carverhill | guest columnist Graphic by Christopher Khew I have always been equally optimistic as I have been wary of our College’s first publication, particularly in relation to its chosen name. Digging back through the archives, one can find the etymology of Panopt being described as, “that which sees everything” (Issue 02, Volume 01, 2013). Funnily
Letter to the Editor by Adrian Stymne
I would like to thank Jared for bringing the important issue of disillusionment into public discourse. Although I disagree with him—I feel the college has lived up to and exceeded almost all of my expectations—I do not wish to discount the subjective experience of others. Rather, I wish to ask those that resonate with Jared’s
Letter to the Editor by Matthew Ware
As the creator of the Hong Kong posters, I was heartened to see the Yale-NUS administration stand up for free expression on campus, and I was impressed that some members of the staff immediately went to talk to the Office of Housing Services, and inform OHS that they are not allowed to remove student posters.