Kavya Gopal, Regina Marie Lee Photo used with permission from Alyson Rozells On a typical day, Dean’s Fellow (DF) Hao Guang meets at least one or two students for one-on-one talks and clocks in two to four hours at the Writers’ Center advising students on their work. In between, he rushes to various meetings with […] Read more
Raeden Richardson Here are the numbers again: the Inter-Faculty Games (or IFGs) have been running for seven years, the NUS Medicine Faculty has been established for 57 years, whilst NUS Engineering, the next most prominent undergraduate path, has nearly 6000 students to choose from. This year, for the first time, Yale-NUS has raised its armaments […] Read more
Kaushik Swaminathan The last week at RC4 featured a barrage of cryptic, and equally intriguing posters along the walls and elevators of the building. G Spot, a community of students who promote diversity and inclusivity, ran an awareness campaign in support of transgenderism using pictures of ordinary men and women such that the viewer would […] Read more
May Tay Since the Student Activities Fair on Aug. 18, the past two weeks have seen campus life abuzz with Welcome Teas, friendly sports games and first club sessions organised by various student groups. The welcome teas ranged from cosy informal gatherings to larger scale general meetings, usually accompanied by food. One example was the […] Read more
Yonatan Gazit From Aug. 22-24, the Yale-NUS International Relations and Political Association (YIRPA) hosted 154 high school students for a Model Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) conference at the college. Much like Model United Nations (MUN) conferences, the Model ASEAN conference was meant to simulate ASEAN conferences. YIRPA’s conference was one of the first […] Read more
Yonatan Gazit, May Tay Aaron Lai’18 had only recently returned from his freshman orientation trip when he began to feel feverish. “At first I thought it was just a normal fever, but … by day three or four of this I went over to the UHC [University Health Centre] and they took blood tests and […] Read more
Kavya Gopal, Regina Marie Lee Over the last two weeks, more than 20 students have done it. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has spilled over into Yale-NUS. First, students were challenged by their friends back in the United States. They then tagged their peers, inundating social media feeds with videos of people pouring ice buckets […] Read more
It was heart-warming for me to see Raeden and Aaron voice out such ardent school spirit. I too am tired of having to explain again and again that Yale-NUS isn’t an NUS faculty, and I too want to see Yale-NUS stand in equal with other universities in Singapore. I, however, did not have the privilege […] Read more
Graham Link || Guest Columnist 2MC (Modular Credits) Independent Courses are arguably one of this college’s most compelling benefits. The opportunity to propose, build and shape your own course is simply unique in higher education. These courses erase our major labels and grade anxieties, allowing us to pursue knowledge with no other purpose beyond itself. […] Read more
letter Aaron Kurzak ’17 The PANOPT editors have done an excellent public service in publishing Mr. Richardson’s article. The controversies arising from its frank statements highlight the fact that the author has succeeded as a journalist of a true STUDENT publication by feeling the pulse of our community and diagnosing an issue that lies at its […] Read more